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"Embrace your built environment as a sacred space. Treat it with respect so it can inspire you to achieve a balanced life.

- Stacey Paliombay, CEO of Flomark Inc. 



● National Council for Interior Design Qualification

● American Society of Interior Designers, Professional

● California Council for Interior Design Certification

● General Contractors License

● American  Institute of Architects, Associate 

Stacey Paliombay is a CEO, a licensed general contractor, an architectural designer, and a certified interior designer, but at the core, she is an artist. With twenty years of experience, Stacey embodies the balance between form and function by way of an insatiable love for her craft that allows her to connect with her clients on an entirely different level. 

This connectivity is attributed to her unorthodox approach to her career. Stacey began her professional journey in film makeup, fashion merchandising, and design. Born to a European father and Asian mother, Stacey grew up in a multicultural environment that developed her natural eye for design. This fusion of Eastern & Western cultures has influenced her style in the world of art, architecture, fashion, and technology with a best practice of sustainability that is a common denominator in every project she takes on. 

After shifting creative gears from fashion to design, Stacey pursued her Bachelor's Degree in interior architecture and design at UNLV. She quickly caught the attention and respect of her peers working in prestigious design firms where she fell in love with architectural design. 

Fueled by problem-solving, Stacey is as comfortable leading a team as a general contractor as she is designing an intimate space for a growing family to create invaluable memories within their home.


Stacey is proud to be a woman at the forefront of a male-dominated industry and has developed a full-service agency focused on developing vital design concepts and building unique brand identities. Stacey and her team create spaces with integrity and longevity, whether residential or commercial, engaging clients in the design every step of the way.

A work-life balance is a priority to deliver the level of professionalism and detail Stacey has built her brand on. Amongst the many hats she wears, Stacey is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, an accomplished fine artist, a student of JuJitsu and Escrima (Filipino martial arts practice), an enthusiastic culinary adventurer, music lover, and philanthropist in the areas of women’s advocacy and the arts. 

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