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SWISSPEARL® façade panels: Superior Façade System Solutions for Quality Sustainable Building

SWISSPEARL® façade panels are the unparalleled standard for integrally colored cement composite panels for both exterior and interior use. These premium Swiss panels are available in numerous standard shades, in various distinctive finishes. In addition to the standard colors, more than 2,000 customized colors can be formulated to meet the creative needs of the discerning Architect.


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Advantages of the SWISSPEARL® façade panels and installation system:

  • Environmentally friendly, low energy manufacturing process
  • Unique coloration treatment of the base sheet; fully sealed on all six sides
  • Highest CE classification rating (5A) for fiber cement panels
  • Fully tested to ASTM standards
  • Excellent UV resistance/color fastness test results
  • Non-combustible
  • Rot resistant
  • Free from efflorescence
  • High resistance to severe weather conditions and frost
  • Life expectancy of at least 40 years
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Suitable for new buildings and refurbishments of every type and size
  • Specially designed, fully tested fixing systems for aluminum, steel, and wooden sub-frames
  • Rain screen cladding application with rear ventilation is the most reliable system from the viewpoint of building physics: eliminates nearly all condensation and optimizes the efficiency of the insulation
  • Ten year warranty
  • Long time, proven quality: millions of square meters installed throughout the world is a testimonial to the superior quality of SWISSPEARL® fiber cement panels
  • Largest color selection in the world
  • No cracking, warping or discoloring, if properly installed for DIM installation

LEED Points

( LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)


Recycled Content Credits:

  1. All materials in SWISSPEARL panels are 100% recyclable
  2. Primary raw material (cellulose) – 1% of mass
  3. Recycled material (cellulose) – 1.5% of mass

Low Emitting Materials Credits:

  1. SWISSPEARL products do not contain any of the chemicals targeted by the EPA for reduction.
  2. Production processes are free from emissions of ozone-depleting products.
  3. SWISSPEARL products are composed of environmentally friendly products, including the sealer and acrylic coloration system.
  4. No VOC emissions
  5. SWISSPEARL will not support mold or mildew

Energy-Savings, Manufacturing:

  1. The manufacturing process is not energy-intensive (grey energy: 8.3 MJ/Kilogram)
  2. A closed water system is used in the production process.
  3. Low embodied energy

Thermal/Living Comfort Design – Rear Ventilated (Rainscreen) Installation:

  1. Ventilated facades retain heat during colder weather due to the storage capabilities of the air gap, thus reducing thermal losses and heating expenses.
  2. During the warmer seasons, the ventilated façade reduces heat absorption of the building. The cladding reflects most of the solar radiation and the “chimney effect” provides natural ventilation, thus reducing the costs of air-conditioning.
  3. Ventilated facades absorb a significant amount of noise. Depending on the materials used, soundproofing is improved by at least 10 db, thus providing a higher quality of living comfort.

Optimized Energy Performance

  1. If the building is designed with the thermal insulation applied to the outside of the structural support wall, it will permit continuous insulation without thermal bridges. Thus, true R- value attainment is possible.

Construction Waste Management:

  1. SWISSPEARL panels can be completely fabricated off-site to custom specifications, omitting excess construction debris associated with field fabrication.
  2. SWISSPEARL is a low maintenance product and does not require the use of cleaning agents that can damage the environment.
  3. Because SWISSPEARL is installed with an open joint system that does not require the use of caulking materials, periodic repair, removal, and disposal of caulking is not an issue.

Resource Re-Use:

  1. SWISSPEARL is 100% recyclable.
  2. SWISSPEARL has a long life and can potentially be removed, salvaged, and re-used in building renovations.
  3. High quality, 100% recyclable pallets are used for shipping, which encourages reuse of the pallets.

Residual Cost Savings:

  1. Savings on heating and cooling costs.
  2. SWISSPEARL has excellent UV resistance and is installed as an open joint system. Thus, expensive deferred maintenance costs are minimal to not required.
  3. The rear-ventilated system of installation diffuses humidity and moisture build up, thus protecting the building from damage caused by mold and mildew.
  4. The combined action of the cladding and the ventilation gap balances out the impact of temperature changes, thereby reducing the risk of crack formation within the support structure.

Innovation In Design:

The rear-ventilated (rain screen) system of installation and the SWISSPEARL panels are exceptional in their performance. They offer the Architect environmentally friendly design versatility. Ventilated facades have proven to be very cost-effective over the long term, given the benefits of the system’s longevity, structural separation of materials, energy efficiency and low-cost maintenance.