Many design possibilities

Like a skin, small and medium modules in thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm take up the form and volume of any facade, regardless of the shape of the building. This allows brilliant creative opportunities in the design. The linear pattern of the cement composite elements, emphasized by light and shadow, is adaptable to building size, geometry, window position, etc. All formats manufactured by the Swiss Group Swisspearl are especially designed for rain-screen cladding applications along with the very reliable rear ventilation system. Together with the wide range of colors, these reliable long-lasting facade solutions are the key to appealing modern architecture for all types of buildings, wether new construction or renovation.

Versatile formats for modern architecture

Thanks to the versatility of the different modules in length of up to 120cm (visible height up to 54 cm), which can be easily combined, the architect can create unique patterns ideally suited to expressing the contemporary character of his projects. Thus, the customer's individual needs and design desires can always be satisfied - and at a good cost-value ratio. Most of the modules are available in a variety of distinctive finishes; all are delivered ready to install with pre-drilled holes, and usually with the hidden fastening system.


Residential Building Zurich Switzerland

Attractive color range

Three surfaces aspects, four color ranges with a total of more than 50 standard colors and the possibility of custom shades and two finish choices, matte or semi-matte, complement the exiting design potential of the various available formats. Whether in vibrant or translucent colors, the high-quality coating on a pure acrylic base assures good long-term color fastness and consistency as well as high resistance to weather conditions. The durable, weatherproof outer skin is practically maintenance-free during its life span of at least 40 years so that the facades keep their attractive appearance for decades.

Ideal for retrofits and renovations

Many buildings of the 1970s and 80s need to be updated to match the current sustainability and energy performance standards and regulations. Improving the energy efficiency of 30- to 40-year-old buildings with the environmentally friendly ventilated facade system and cement composite modules is not only a good contribution to climate protection, it is also a great opportunity for cost- and environmentally conscious building owners, investors and architects to enhance the durability, appearance and value of the property.

With higher quality materials for the envelope, the weather skin has much longer life expectancy and remains attractive for a longer time. Maintaining the value of the initial investment without expensive maintenance later on is an important benefit to add to improved living comfort and the growing savings achieved year after year on the energy expenses of older buildings